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How to Create an Effective Process to Reach Your Goals- Workplace Xcellence Webinar

Jan 26, 2018

One of the hallmarks of successful companies is they can reach their goals and objectives with consistency. Consistency creates security and security creates trust. Trust in our process, from interviewing and hiring, to integration into the workforce happens smoothly and quickly when the people understand what’s expected of them.



Today, more than ever it’s important to assure that our investment in human capital is one that helps us as a company and as a team member grow and create a positive return on our investment. This webinar will share four key strategies to maximize your team’s effectiveness.
With over forty years’ experience in hiring and developing team members at all levels John will walk you through a process and share some tips that will help you get the team in place to grow your business consistently.


Key Learning Objectives
· Why we fail at reaching our goals
· The secret to establishing patterns in our behavior that facilitate reaching our goals and breaking the failure pattern.
· Learning to utilize conflict effectively and positively in our hiring process and team development.
· Using the maxim: A Little + Often = A Lot as a template for our goals
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