HireLevel Team Achieves HIPAA Certifications

Jan 31, 2018

HireLevel powered by Extra Help is constantly growing! Not only in size, but in knowledge. It’s essential for the team to be on top of the staffing industry, no matter how fast it moves. A few ladies from the staffing world took the initiative to attain HIPAA certifications from OSHA in order to have an advantage when communicating with clients in the medical field.  We asked, Regional Manager, Samantha Loucks and Staffing Specialists, Athena Caballero and Kendra Alexander, a few curious questions that can give us a better idea on what these certifications mean:

HireLevel: Samantha, can you tell us what is this “HIPAA/OSHA” certification? Was this difficult to receive?

Samantha: HIPAA stands for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA). The certification we received through OSHA is comprehensive guide to compliance through the workforce in the rules and regulations that surround HIPAA laws. The certification is something we take pride in throughout our industry, this course allows us to take one step further in becoming experts in our field and never stopping to achieve the next big goal we, as an organization, have. I wouldn’t consider this certification difficult, but it does require your due diligence in training on the material. With our organization, it’s up to us to be compliant and this coursework was exactly what we needed to attain that compliance.

26733985_10160114733915500_7233370999107080137_n HireLevel Team Achieves HIPAA Certifications

HireLevel: Kendra, what’s the certifications significance to HireLevel?

Kendra: Being certified is significant to HireLevel because it really is a testament to how dedicated we are to our clients and candidates. HireLevel isn’t just our name, it’s an attribute we strive for daily. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, taking an extra step, and really living up to providing services at a level above the competition.  Being HIPAA certified allows us to guide the candidates from a personal perspective and ask interviews questions that really hit home for the candidate.

HireLevel: Athena, are you excited to utilize this certification? How will it make you better in your position at HireLevel?

Athena: I feel that the certification really gives me the knowledge needed to recruit and staff for companies in the medical field.  Also, the companies I work with will in turn feel that they have someone with the appropriate industry knowledge to ensure they get the best candidates.

There you have it. Congratulations ladies! For more information about HireLevel you can visit, or email