HireLevel Gives Back to St. Francis CARE to Assist in Hurricane Relief Efforts, and Other Local Needs

Oct 4, 2017

(October 4, 2017 – Marion, Illinois) In the wake of many natural disasters causing destruction to the United States in recent weeks, now more than ever there is a high importance for giving back to our communities, and those who need the help and assistance the most.  At HireLevel, one of the region’s largest women-owned employment, payroll, and workforce services companies, they love to own their impact by giving back monthly through the #HireLevelDifference Campaign. This month, they decided to give back to St. Francis CARE in Murphysboro, IL, to not only help with the work they are doing locally, but for expanding their reach to the Houston, TX area to help with the hurricane relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey devastated much of their community, and left hundreds of animals without care due to flood waters.

Sept-StFrancis HireLevel Gives Back to St. Francis CARE to Assist in Hurricane Relief Efforts, and Other Local Needs

“I think that it’s important to remember that we all have the ability to own our impact when disaster strikes,” said President and CEO of HireLevel, Teresa Katubig. “We’ve supported the work that St. Francis CARE has done for years, and we’re just excited we could give back at a time where they will be able to use the funds to help in their hurricane relief efforts, as well.”

St. Francis CARE provides shelter and veterinary care to lost, unwanted and abandoned animals until they can be placed in a kind and loving home where they will be cared for in a safe and humane environment for the rest of their lives. They recently drove down to Houston, TX where they brought back over 30 stranded animals to be fostered until conditions are better.

If anyone is interested in fostering or adopting a pet, you can call (618) 687-2079 for immediate volunteer opportunities, or you can learn more about this organization at

For more information on HireLevel and their #HireLevelDifference campaign, please visit 

In addition to Marion, Illinois, HireLevel also serves as an employment agency for clients in Indianapolis, IN and several other cities across the US.