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HireLevel Continues to Boom in Indianapolis, IN

Oct 9, 2017

As HireLevel continues to grow, our reach becomes a lot wider and we continue to work hard to meet our goals. In order to adapt to the market and project the needs of our clients, it was decided to raise the bar even more by planting our seeds in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since opening their doors in July of 2016, HireLevel Indianapolis has blossomed into a beautiful and flourishing flower. What started off with two team members, has since increased to seven dedicated internal team members, and still growing. They have been fearless by conquering their competitors in the area, proven with every placement and sale that is made.

22008381_10159564211155500_4371908058873344852_n HireLevel Continues to Boom in Indianapolis, IN

HireLevel Indianapolis remains to be a force to be reckoned with. They continue to expand within the distribution and logistics industries while managing some of HireLevel’s largest clients. On top of that, they continuously succeed in business development and hiring potential candidates. The other HireLevel locations aren’t the only ones that have created an accomplished and credentialed staffing workforce. The Indy staffing team works diligently to provide opportunities in the light industrial and professional staffing fields.

HireLevel in Indianapolis, IN is currently hiring for:

  • Warehouse
  • Forklift
  • Production Associate
  • Warehouse Picker

Regional Manager, Emily Brower, runs the branch to the full extent of her knowledge and power. “If you want to make a strong impact, it all comes down to working as a team. Without all of the team work we have had with the Indy office we would not be where we are today,” says Brower. “A lot of hard work and dedication has helped us grow every month for the past year and a half. I enjoy the busy atmosphere, working hard all day with my amazing team. Indy is an awesome city with so much opportunity for more growth within our office. I think the sky is the limit for our branch, and I look forward to seeing where we go in the next year.” Having worked her way up over the last four years using her experience in operations, recruiting, staffing, and sales, Emily and her team have been able to successfully upgrade the Indy branch tenfold!

On the flip side, the HireLevel Indy branch isn’t the only thing that grows, the stomachs often do as well. Every Thursday is a blessing when the food trucks roll up outside. Everything from tacos, thai, pretzel sandwiches, and pizza; they take the time to enjoy the finer, mobile things in life… food! In addition, they’ll use their free time to help out a few local charities. Their most recent charity work involved donating $1,000 to the local Horizon House, a charitable cause to help people who are homeless within the community.

This is only the beginning for HireLevel Indy! If you are an employee or employer in need of our services, please contact Emily Brower at and she’ll be happy to assist. To learn more about HireLevel and our services, visit