HireLevel Celebrates Workers with More Than Just Pay!

Sep 6, 2017

HireLevel is joining in the salute to the American worker and payroll professionals by participating in National Payroll Week (NPW), which coincides with the nation’s Labor Day celebration.

NPW17_Logo_000-300x192 HireLevel Celebrates Workers with More Than Just Pay!

Outside of the 75 internal employees at HireLevel, they also serve over 800 payroll and staffing clients nationwide who expect that their paychecks be accurate and on time. National Payroll Week is a public awareness campaign that pays tribute to you and the more than 156 million people who work in the United States. National Payroll Week highlights the payroll professionals who support the American system by not only processing your wages, but also reporting your earnings and withholding employment taxes, which keep America running smoothly.

With each and every check issued, our company payroll services is required by law to withhold the correct deductions for federal, state and local taxes. American payroll professionals collect and report 70.5% of all federal revenues. Any delay or error has serious financial consequences that not only affect you, but HireLevel’s bottom line.

A paycheck that has a single mistake can result in noticeable morale problems and reduced productivity. It’s their job to ensure that each and every employee is paid accurately and on time. The payroll department of HireLevel is staffed with highly skilled professionals who are experts at meeting deadlines and answering employee inquiries about local, state and federal tax rules and regulations. Have you ever wondered what percentage of your salary should be deducted for FICA, SS, MED, and 401(k), much less what these abbreviations mean? Where does your money go between “gross pay” and “net pay?” Is the right amount of federal and state income tax being deducted? These and other questions can be answered by your colleagues in the payroll department. They are the ones who shoulder the responsibility for paying you correctly – a task that is not as simple as it sounds.

Why, you ask?

Because payroll is the one corporate function where 99.9% accuracy is simply not good enough. Its operations are regulated more closely than perhaps any other company division. National Payroll Week was designed to honor payroll professionals, but also to celebrate all American workers, because they generate the revenue needed to maintain and build this country.

Marketing is showing its community spirit and honoring our payroll services by participating in National Payroll Week, and providing HireLevel payroll team members with payday candy bars, NPW branded cookies, and a big thank you for their hard work. HireLevel continues to grow and prosper through the teamwork of employees who work hard to provide a great experience for our clients.

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