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Boosting Employee Morale to Make Business BOOM!

Sep 6, 2017

In today’s industrious business market, companies are competing to be the best and the brightest. When they are able to achieve this status, they rely on the individuals who help them promote their image and company culture. These individuals are simply called employees, yet have one of the single most important roles within any organization. Employees are relied upon to uphold business ethics and are commissioned to application of high morals, judgments and standards. With this in mind, each employee must represent themselves and the company in which they work for in a positive light. Employees can obtain the tools to carry this weight by being subjected to a positive and constructive environment built for growth. All of this in return is working on boosting employee morale.

In the United States, nearly 59 million employees left their jobs in 2015 alone. Turnover costs businesses money, time and performance. “Push” factors are internal and can lead dissatisfied workers away from the culture of many businesses.

Push factors include:
• Limited career advancement or opportunities
• Excessive workloads
• Give employees choices not enforcement
• Lack of competitive recognition or awards
• Harassment, intimidation or workplace bullying
• Hectic scheduling that takes time away from family

The best way to eliminate this crisis is by boosting employee morale. Employees want to feel valued. Employee engagement is a key component businesses use to boost employee morale. So, what is an “engaged employee”? An engaged employee is committed to their work and loves their job! They care about what happens to the company they work for. For example, internal staff at HireLevel made personal commitments to “Owning our Own Impact”. The phrase simply means, providing a positive experience to candidates and clients.

Gratitude being expressed by superiors towards an employee can help boost employee morale.

Other ways are:
• Promoting teamwork
• Constant and constructive communication
• Visiting or re-visiting employee goals
• Rewards and praise
• Proper training and resources
• Fun and creative work assignments

Businesses must clearly communicate their vision to its employees and design a path to take to get there. According to the recent Gallup Poll Employee Engagement Meta-Analysis, businesses in the top quartile, are 21% more profitable, 17% more productive and have 10% better customer service than businesses within the bottom quartile. To achieve this, Employees must be engaged and enjoy the environment they work in. HireLevel deliver’s extraordinary to every interaction, every time! HireLevel employees are appreciated and in turn, the employees love what they do as a workforce management company. Overall, boosting employee morale allows the employee’s knowledge, skills and experience to shine and helps their company push towards successful goals from year to year.

Blog Written by: Stephanie Stinson, Staffing Support

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