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Montgomery, Alabama: HireLevel’s Southern Charm

Jan 9, 2017

In the heart of Alabama, the roots are deep and the culture is rich. Montgomery, Alabama is one strong link of the HireLevel team. HireLevel powered by Extra Help has been paving the way for the staffing industry in this global center for auto- manufacturing since 2013. Alabama produces over 1 million vehicles and over 1 million engines annually across four automakers. This amount of production requires immense amounts of people, and connecting people to people is our specialty. As the self- proclaimed Automotive experts of the south, our team has partnered with three out of the four automakers. From the production line to engineers—the Alabama team is equipped to staff them all.

13246192_10153561476651120_4664141191745389789_o-1024x768 Montgomery, Alabama: HireLevel’s Southern Charm

Connecting people with a purpose in a fun, results- driven atmosphere; creating teams, growing careers, and changing lives is the HireLevel mission. The Alabama team achieves this mission daily by proving their capabilities with each job filled, getting the job done with the mindset that “when we come to work, that’s what we do. No motto is needed” says Cierra Belser, Diversity Relations Manager.

It takes HireLevel people to do HireLevel business, and the Montgomery,  Alabama team is no exception to the rule. Sharing a passion for success with all teammates and the CEO is the perfect recipe for an awesome work environment. The team focuses on bringing work and fun together by motivating each other, celebrating each other, and giving back to the community; attributing their drive to company culture.

When the work day turns into a late work night, good humor and good food keep them going that extra mile. The jokes may never stay the same, but the food choice is always Mexican. At HireLevel Alabama a good Mexican dish can turn a chaotic day into pure bliss. It’s basically HireLevel Indy’s Starbucks addiction, HireLevel Edwardsville’s all-things-food obsession, and HireLevel Marion’s love for cake (okay anything sweet.) On Fridays the team goes out to lunch leaving the work at work to escape into conversations about their weekend plans. However, like most, those plans usually involve laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Wait a minute, weren’t we supposed to be leaving the work at work?

Outside the office, the grocery store, the laundry room, and so on the HireLevel team members in Alabama seek to make a difference. In 2016, the team contributed to Joys to Life. With the company wide contributions of the entire team, HireLevel employees were able to give back over $10,000 to local charities. In 2017, the Montgomery, Alabama location will be participating in the Joys to Life Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness.

At HireLevel Alabama moments are rarely dull, work is never left undone, goals are continually achieved, and Mexican is always welcome.

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