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Do’s and Don’ts to Have the Most Productive Day at Work

Jan 15, 2017

Most of us start our day with the best intentions. Sadly, best intentions do not always produce the best results. You may set forth to accomplish everything on your proverbial list, but self-sabotage could be your downfall. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you have the most productive work day.

Do Make a List

There has been some controversy on this method, but bottom-line is a list will keep you on track and will ensure you don’t miss a task. Make a list of all the tasks you wish to accomplish and then prioritize the most urgent and important. This is best done the night before to mentally prepare yourself for your upcoming day.

Do Start With Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will get you fueled to tackle your day. A car cannot drive without gas and neither can you! Choose items like eggs, yogurt or fruit to energize you. Try to avoid processed and sugary items as they make you lethargic and hungry sooner.

Don’t Waste Your Commute Time

If you add up even a 15 minute commute twice a day that’s 130 hours a year of time spent traveling to and from work. Why not fill that time setting yourself up for a successful day? If you didn’t get a chance to compose your daily To Do list, make that now. If you are driving, you can verbally dictate a list on most smartphones. If you are riding on a train, bus or carpooling you can catch up on your email. On your way home you can decompress and listen to some tunes or catchup on that new book you’ve been wanting to read.

Don’t Focus on Too Many Tasks at Once

This is the point of prioritizing your list and putting the most important tasks first. Plan how long you estimate each task will take to complete and start by doing the most vital and time-consuming tasks first. Start with the top 3 to 5 tasks you know must be completed. Don’t make a list that can never be accomplished and will only demotivate you.

Do the “Hard” Things First

If having a tough discussion with an employee or calling back an angry client are on your list, tackle those first. We tend to put off the “hard” things even when we know they are inevitable and must be faced. Avoiding these tasks will prolong the issue and derail the productivity of your day.

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Could Do Today

This age-old saying seems simple, but is one of the most imperative tips to make your day productive. Not only does finishing all your tasks feel great but it allows you to start the next day with a clean slate.

Do Celebrate the Small Accomplishments (and the Big Ones!)

When you complete a task, reward yourself. Even if it’s small, you deserve it! A reward as simple as a sweet treat or coffee break can really motivate you to finish the rest of your list. Reflect on what you have accomplished and analyze what you did well.

Don’t Obsess on What You Cannot Change

Its human nature that we tend to focus on what went wrong rather than what we did right. Don’t let this be you. It’s ok to determine what you could have done better, just don’t let it outshine what you did accomplish.

Each day can be your most productive day if you follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts. These tips are for work but can easily translate to your everyday life! Remember to celebrate even small accomplishments and start everyday fresh. Good luck!

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