HireLevel Gives back to Oasis Women’s Shelter through January Charitable Giving Challenge

Feb 4, 2019

It’s a new year, and HireLevel is excited to continue supporting their communities in an impactful way through the #HireLevelDifference Charitable Giving Challenge. Each month, the company will decide on a local charitable organization to support through giving, and volunteering.

OasisWomensCenterJan-1024x650 HireLevel Gives back to Oasis Women's Shelter through January Charitable Giving Challenge

HireLevel is starting off 2019 with an organization that gives victims of abuse a new lease on life. The Oasis Women’s Shelter was founded in 1978 in Alton, Illinois. This incredible organization provides free emergency shelter and confidential counseling services for those who have been abused.

Despite being called a Women’s Shelter, Oasis assists any adult or child that needs care. The shelter lends its services to all, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, language, religion, or any other characteristics that create an individual’s identity. Each month, the shelter assists around 200 people.

The Oasis office is open 12 hours a day through the week, but the shelter and three assistance hotlines are available 24/7 so that people can reach out for help at any moment. Oasis’s mission is to assist victims, inform them of the available options, and ultimately put an end to domestic violence.

HireLevel was able to donate $1,545 to Oasis so they are able to continue to make a #HireLevelDifference in their community. However, readers are encouraged to make donations of their own, get involved, or learn more about Oasis by calling Tina Culp at (618) 465-1978 or emailing

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