Payroll Management

How to Choose the Right Payroll Service Provider for Your Success

Nov 8, 2017

As a payroll service provider to businesses across the US, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies in helping them make the right decision for their company payroll needs. My favorite thing to hear from a prospect is “What are the next steps?” and is satisfying to know our services are what our clients demand for managing their employees. Even though my sales conversion rate is not 100%, I’ve learned that we are not the perfect fit for every business. What I do know is that every decision made for a business should be for their benefit whether they are cutting costs or streamlining a process.

18519689_10158816260560500_5430759079020902574_n How to Choose the Right Payroll Service Provider for Your Success


Here are my suggestions to consider while searching for a payroll service provider:

1. Location, location, location – One of major selling points for buying a new house, but also a huge factor for businesses when deciding to do business with a particular provider. Employees’ payroll checks are the livelihood of many.

2. Consistency – We provide services that thousands of employees depend on. Consistent service and timely pay checks is a huge priority. No one likes a disgruntled employee.

3. Support – Customer service is an important thing when you have questions or an issue needs to be resolved.

4. Payroll taxes – Taxes are a reality of life. Your provider should be able to process the typical state and federal level tax deductions and filings. Look for a provider who will provide action to a mistake if made.

5. Security – When working with sensitive information, security needs to be one of your main concerns. Look for secure servers and physical backup stations.

Knowing these details about a provider will help you make a wise, well-informed decision that can help ease the burden of your business. For information on how HireLevel can assist you with your payroll or human resources needs, contact Amanda Majewski, Director of Payroll Services.