Human Resources

Flexible Work Schedules- The Way of the Future

Sep 1, 2016


Here’s the most obvious and direct statement you’ll read all day – you lead a busy life. Whether it’s your travel schedule, family, community commitments, etc., your schedule is typically dictated by forces outside of your control. Time is not something you can buy, but it is a factor that you can manipulate to make the most out of each and every day. Having flexible work schedules available to your employees isn’t just a great work perk, it’s a controlling factor in many candidates’ job search criteria.

Why would an employee prefer flex hours over your normal Monday through Friday, “8-5” routine? Take into consideration a few of these benefits:

  • More control over time off
  • Avoid rush hour commuting times
  • Having the ability to schedule doctors and dentist appointments when needed
  • Scheduling work during “off hours” to avoid distractions and accomplish more work
  • Improved “work/life” balance

If you’re thinking that adopting flexible work schedules only benefits the employee, here are a few examples of how companies benefit from variable hours:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less stressed employees
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Builds trust with employees
  • Separate schedules = less office space required

Taking these points into account and implementing a flexible schedule, provides cost savings through employee retention. Employees who are healthier, happier, and less stressed are more likely to stay and refer other top-notch talent to your organization, providing a solid foundation for future growth. By outsourcing your timekeeping, you can easily manage multiple schedules, pay rates, and overtime schedules. In addition, if you find you need an extra set of hands (or more), utilizing temporary or contract employees during peak times will allow your full time employees to stay on their flex schedules.

Has your company offered flexible scheduling? If so, what are some of the benefits and/or downfalls you’ve seen with the new employee hours?

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