Teresa Katubig, President & CEO Recognized As One of the Top St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business

Feb 24, 2016

(February 24, 2016- St. Louis, MO) Teresa Katubig, President and CEO of Extra Help, Inc., one of the region’s largest women-owned employment, payroll, and workforce services companies, was recognized by St. Louis Small Business Monthly (SBM) as one of the 2016 Top St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business. Teresa Katubig and Extra Help, Inc. were nominated by a group of judges through the SBM who created the list off of individuals who were major networkers & influencers within the St. Louis market in years past.

Extra Help, Inc. is a workforce services company with locations in multiple states throughout the United States, and growing. The company’s success is driven by the hard work and dedication of its employees, and their commitment to providing genuine customer service to each of their diverse clients. Extra Help, Inc. understands the importance of teamwork and communication, which is why they encourage their members to participate in several networking events & local chambers each year. This helps in not only growing their network, but allowing their network to work as an open communication channel.

“I’m an advocate for utilizing teamwork, and understanding that networking and offering your own knowledge is key to a successful community of businesses,” said Teresa Katubig, President and CEO of Extra Help, Inc.
Succeeding in business is all about who you know, and the connections that you make throughout your career. The St. Louis Small Business Monthly understands this which is why they will be honoring these individuals at the St. Charles Convention Center on April 12th at 1:00 p.m.

For more information on Extra Help, Inc. or our attendance at the event, please contact us at (314) 241-9675.