Human Resources

5 Tips for Social Media Recruiting

Sep 22, 2015

Finding talent starts with locating the right candidates. There is a growing number of individuals who are utilizing social media to promote their career experience, and to help them look for the right job to fit their needs. This is great news for recruiters, and also a prime resource.

There are more recruiting outlets that companies have to manage, track and engage than ever before. Social media has changed the way most companies hire.

Social Recruiting 101

1. Do your research.

There are many different social media sites that target specific candidates. Look into all of the options you have for social media and find which ones will work best for the positions you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to hire a welder or someone to do general labor work Facebook might be your best method. When recruiting on LinkedIn you will find more professional candidates. LinkedIn enables you to build relationships with potential employees before you need to hire them, especially in industry-specific groups.

2. Build your network.

Social media is easy and free for basic users. It is a great way to spread the word about your job opportunities and with a bigger network it will reach more people. LinkedIn is a great way to build your pipeline by developing relationships with potential employees. Facebook is also a great way to target people with specific skills in a demographic area. You can use Twitter and hashtags for specific search terms for job seekers.

3. Utilize your current employees.

Most employees utilize some type of social media. Have your employees share your information. Every employee knows someone different, the more people you reach the easier your recruiting gets. If you have an immediate position that needs filled as soon as possible, type up a short description and have your employees share it on all of their social media channels. This is a quick way to reach thousands of people.

4. Have a Strategy

Make sure you switch it up! If you continuously post the same thing, it may get overlooked. Posting jobs on social media attract attention but you want to post other content as well. Advice or self-improvement will attract attention and prompt them to look more into your company or social media page.

5. Convey your company culture

Company culture is important to current and potential employees. Everyone wants to come to work, enjoy the people and the company they work for. So, let people see it on social media. Do you celebrate anniversaries and birthdays? Is your company celebrating a big milestone? Is there a company outing coming up? These are all great things to share to help promote your company culture across social media channels.

Times have changed and many recruiters are utilizing social media as their main source for building their pipeline, but there are other options to recruit and build your pipeline. A great way to network is by getting out in the community. There are community outreach organizations and career centers that help job seekers as well as employers. Getting connected and working with these organizations you will get your foot in the door to meet even more great people to build your pipeline.

No matter how or what you use to recruit, social media recruiting is a large influence today so take advantage. The key is to pay attention to which method delivers the best results for your business and put more of your efforts there.

Happy hunting!