Code Red Education Celebrates Inaugural Graduating Class

Jun 19, 2014

(June 19, St. Louis, MO) • Administrators of Code Red Education, an out-of-the-box computer literacy and computer coding curriculum tool for elementary, middle school and high school students, announced that its inaugural class of high school graduates successfully completed a Code Red Education program, which has prepared them for immediate job placement or an advanced IT education. Having completed the Code Red coursework, the students are also equipped to take the A+ certification exam. To celebrate this achievement, Code Red Education and its partner, Extra Help, Inc., one of the region’s largest employment, payroll and workforce services companies, recently hosted a celebration for the graduates and their families. The event also served as an opportunity for the workforce-ready graduates to meet potential St. Louis area employers.

The Code Red Education graduation event was held on Thursday, May 29th at Claim, in downtown St. Louis. “We see this as an annual event that will continue to grow as our coding and technology career programs continue to assist students in the St. Louis area,” said Michael Palmer, Code Red Education’s founder. Code Red Education is committed to working with all St. Louis area schools that are interested in the program, as well continuing to work with current schools in the Parkway and Cahokia districts, and private schools in the St. Louis and Springfield Diocese.

The Code Red Education curriculum is a unique program comprised of progressive teaching modules broken into age-appropriate lesson plans, for grades 1 through 12. The coding program is aimed at preparing students for the expanding digital job market of the future. Aside from interactive lessons, the program includes comprehensive training for teachers, ongoing curriculum development and student certification prep courses.

In addition to co-hosting the graduation party, Extra Help, Inc. provides students with soft skills training, conducting mock interviews and advising on the use of networking tools.  They will continue to offer the Code Red Education job candidates further training, professional development opportunities and job placement support. “Code Red Education is truly an innovative and needed program in our education system,” said Teresa Katubig, CPA, Extra Help Inc.’s CEO. “The fact that these students could go straight from high school into the job market is pretty remarkable. As a staffing business, we see the critical need for these coding and technical skills in a variety of jobs, and this curriculum is helping to bridge that gap.”

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