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Professional Staffing

Going to Work for You

We don’t fill the role of a supplier for our clients (where’s the fun in that?) Think of our Professional Staffing team as your partner. We’re in for the long haul to see your organization grow thanks to the people we bring into the mix. Our process is simple and efficient:

  • Communication is key. We’ll be working side by side with you making sure you’re getting exactly what you need throughout the process.
  • Partnership is essential. Our team works with yours to greatly increase efficiency.
  • People are everything. The focus is always on discovering the best people—the out-of-the-box thinkers, the creators, the innovators, the natural leaders and the perfect fits.

Light Industrial Staffing

Getting the Word Out

Advertising for open positions is like a windfall. Applications start pouring in (hooray!), but before you know it, your packed schedule prevents you from spending the amount of time you should on each candidate to truly find the best fit for your organization and the gig. That’s where we come in. It’s our job to fill your job, and we’re really passionate about what we do, so you can expect:

  • A dedicated contact person who keeps you in the loop
  • Professional advertising of the position to attract the right hire
  • Recruiting and interviewing tailored to the job needs.

Payroll Services

Taking Care of Payroll

We’re serious about making you and your administrative staff more efficient—especially when it comes to taking care of the people who keep your doors open. Our knowledgeable and supportive team is always on hand as your go-to service center to make this process easy. To break it down, here’s how we roll (pun intended…):

  • You submit payroll hours to HireLevel through your preferred method
  • HireLevel withholds, deposits and files federal, state and local taxes on your behalf
  • Employees can receive payment by direct deposit, paper check or pay card
  • You automatically receive digital and/or paper reports for your records
  • HireLevel produces W-2/1099 forms and W-3 transmittals at the end of the year

And that’s not all. Not to brag or anything, but you can also count on us for check signing and stuffing, onsite check printing, union or certified payroll reporting, 401k tracking and reporting, worker’s compensation tracking and reporting, wage garnishment calculation and processing, and beyond.

We know there’s more to payroll than just cutting the check. That’s why we’ve created customized solutions to improve your company’s time and labor costs.

Time & Labor

We developed time and labor tools and services because we’re all about working smarter, not just harder. There are things you can be doing right now to streamline your process when it comes to labor management, HR management, and the tricky Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. We provide:

  • Labor management tools that cover time-off requests, accrual tracking, shift differentials, advanced scheduling and more.
  • HR management tools that help with recruiting and applicant tracking, performance review management, employment laws, hiring guidelines and more.
  • ACA compliance services that automate the entire process of tracking and reporting mandated by the IRS for applicable large employers. (How’s that for a time saver?) Our service handles eligibility periods and benefit management, plus, we track employees’ ACA hours every month to prepare the required 1094c and 1095c for you and the employee each year.

The best part? We enjoy it! Our team thrives on delivering you solutions that make your business grow for the better. We’ve worked hard to make the grueling parts of business manageable and enjoyable. It’s a win for us and you.

Learn more about Professional Staffing and Light Industrial Staffing or contact us for customized solutions for your business.