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Free Payroll with a Pay + Time Solution

Easy, Accurate, On-the-Go Timekeeping

Spend your time where it counts.

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Save Time, Save Money.

Get an adaptive, feature-rich product that enhances time and attendance procedures for your entire workforce — even those who are remote or on the go. With HireLevel HCM, Time and Labor Management seamlessly integrates with Payroll to eliminate errors and inefficiencies.

Want 3 months of Payroll for Free?

  • Integrate Time + Payroll

    When you build a payroll plus timekeeping solution with HireLevel HCM before July 1, 2022, receive 3 months of payroll for free. With Pay + Time as your base, you can add on any HireLevel HCM services to optimize everything employee management.
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Customized, Automated, Compliant Time Tracking

✓ Set notifications for overtime pay, missed punches, punches outside of the geofenced area
✓ On-the-go timekeeping
✓ Integrated geofencing
✓ Seamless location management
✓ Available on any device
✓ One source data stream into payroll

….and more!

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Improver Your Bottom Line

✓ Prevent buddy punching and time theft
✓ Manage your overtime proactively
✓ Track and report from anywhere
✓ Save money from fines
✓ Available on any device
✓ One source data stream into payroll system