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Automate HR admin tasks with isolved People Cloud.

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Get an adaptive, feature-rich product that enhances HR procedures for your entire workforce — even those who are remote or on the go. With HireLevel HCM, your team has more time to focus on strategic initiatives that can drive productivity and increase profitability.

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Simple, Secure, Seamless

✓ Employee & manager self-service
✓ Smart time, attendance, expense tracking
✓ Salary and job history
✓ Performance and Learning tracking
✓ Benefits enrollment with life events wizard
✓ One source data stream into payroll

….and more!

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Improver Your Bottom Line

✓ Goal setting & gamification
✓ Rewards & recognition
✓ Surveying
✓Collaboration and feedback
✓ Predictive People analytics
✓ Reporting at your fingertips

Employ, enable, empower your high growth organization.