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Celebrating 25 Years: HireLevel Shares Secrets To Success

Aug 4, 2020

As HireLevel celebrates 25 years connecting people, our team has been spent a lot of time reflecting. One thing we know for absolute certain is that when we put people front and center at the core of all our  decisions,  business  grows.  That’s  why our proudest result is  growing  businesses  from  the  inside  out  or  creating  people-driven  results. With  our  25th  year  in  business we  recommit  to our  mission:  connecting  people with  diverse  backgrounds,  growing  businesses  and  communities,  and  changing lives.

Copy-of-HBDHi Celebrating 25 Years: HireLevel Shares Secrets To Success

Through the people-centered programs listed below, HireLevel has been able to prove time and time again that people are the sole focus and driving force of our business.

HireLevel 2ndChance Program

This program, recipient of the 2019 American Staffing Association CARE Award, is designed to help reintegrate justice involved individuals back into the workforce and provide gainful employment to people who are eager to work. Taking the time to review each and every background on a case by case basis before you just dismiss the candidate can make a big difference in people’s lives, break cycles for families, make communities safer, and help businesses fill gaps in their workforce

HiFive Program

This program is designed to show appreciation for our employees that rise above the rest and give their all on the job. It is our belief that caring for your employees and acknowledging their hard work is the first step to business success.

Charitable Giving Program- #HireLevelDifference

Supported by our employees, this program is designed to give back to our communities through monthly charitable donations to local nonprofits. In 2019 alone, HireLevel was able to give a total of $15,180 to 12 charities. Through this program, we are able to help and strengthen our communities from the inside out.

Business is more people-focused now than ever before and consumers are expecting more customization and personalization from businesses, both big and small. How is your business going to adapt to these changes and keep people at the center of its’ focus? Having made it through some hard economic times such as the 2009 recession and the current COVID-19 Pandemic, HireLevel and CEO Teresa Katubig has learned a lot about remaining successful through trying times and it all comes down to how much you value people and what you are doing to help them thrive.

HireLevel’s Advice to Business Owners

Put people first always, never stop learning, and choose quality in all things business, especially in the team members you bring on board and what you do to retain them.