Fighting The Pandemic: HireLevel Gives Back

Apr 27, 2020

Fighting Back


In trying times such as these, it is essential that people, businesses, and communities give back to those in need to show support for their neighbors. HireLevel not only understands this obligation but is leading by example and doing our part in fighting the pandemic through our Charitable Giving Campaign. Each month, HireLevel employees donate to charities near our offices to support our local communities and help those in need, including non-profit organizations such as St. Francis CARE, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and Evansville Association for the Blind. HireLevel is very passionate about helping others and has made it a way of doing business to give back, not only in times of need, but every chance we get.


Facebook-Event-size-webinar-graphic-14 Fighting The Pandemic: HireLevel Gives Back

In light of recent events, HireLevel has decided to send this month’s charitable donation to the SIH COVID-19 Relief Fund. This fund is developed to help the local community in fighting the pandemic by funding important resources like behind-the-scenes support to medical professionals, supporting COVID-19 patients’ needs, and assisting partner agencies and local social service organizations. SIH continues to be an outstanding pillar to our communities and this is just one more extension of that great work.


Other resources available through the SIH Website include:

  • COVID-19 hotline
  • Drive Through Testing Clinic Locations
  • Important Q & A’s
  • Resources from the IDPH & CDC


HireLevel is proud to be able to help its communities by giving back, not only during these trying times, but during the good times too. This month, HireLevel was able to donate $965 to the SIH COVID-19 Relief Fund. This is a cause that is directly impacting every person in our community and we encourage you to donate what you can to help in fighting the pandemic and to #Flatten the curve!

Donations can be made at the following website:

See a full list of SIH COVID-19 Resources at the following website: