Coach Kill Fund Receives Donations From HireLevel

Dec 20, 2019

Helping others is a fundamental component in the foundation of HireLevel. This is proven through our programs designed to help those who need it. Our Charitable Giving Program helps local charities better assist our communities in all applicable areas. In the past, the HireLevel Charitable Giving program has given back to charities such as Hospice of Southern Illinois, Got Your Six, Amare, Oasis Women’s Shelter, Art with a Heart, and many more. This month, HireLevel will be giving back to the Coach Kill Fund of Southern Illinois by donating $1,835 to help them keep up the great work they do for the community.

CoachKillCancerFund Coach Kill Fund Receives Donations From HireLevel

HireLevel presents check to Coach Kill Cancer Fund

The HireLevel Charity of the Month is The Coach Kill Fund, created by Southern Illinois University’s own, Coach Jerry Kill and his wife, Rebecca. Coach Kill had a personal experience with cancer and created this fund to assist families and individuals battling cancer and childhood diseases. Patients who demonstrate financial need can go through an application process, which is then reviewed by a committee of people to determine which applicants meet the fund guidelines. This fund assists with expenses including fuel, co-pays, cancer-related medical bills, prescription assistance, nutritional needs, transportation costs, lodging needs, and medical equipment related to cancer treatment.

This cause is one that is very dear to our hearts, because we have seen first-hand how much cancer can impact ones life, as well as everyone around them. For Christmas this year, the HireLevel team pooled money together to make an additional donation in in the name of our CEO, Teresa Katubig, in memory of a dear friend of hers that lost the fight to cancer this past summer. This very real disease has impacted the lives of too many who dont have the means necesary to adequately fight back. HireLevel fully supports this fund and everything that it does for our community. We encourage you to donate (here) today!

Note: Be sure to select the Coach Kill Fund in the drop-down box!

To learn more about what this fund does, the application guidelines, and the application process, visit: SIH- Coach Kill Fund.

HireLevel does all it can to take care of the communities that our teams live and work in. Giving back is not only a good deed at HireLevel, it’s a moral responsibility and a building block of who we are. For more information on HireLevel and their #HireLevelDifference campaign, please visit HireLevel’s blog on or follow the #HireLevelDifference on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@HireLevel).