HireLevel Gives Back to Chemo Buddies of Evansville

Oct 24, 2019

HireLevel believes in doing its part to support the local communities and has proven its commitment through the Charitable Giving Campaign, HireLevel donates to local charities each month to help those within the surrounding areas. In the past, HireLevel has given to charities such as Hospice of Southern Illinois, This Able Veteran, Hangers EVSC Foundation, and several others.

September-Charity-1024x769 HireLevel Gives Back to Chemo Buddies of Evansville

This month, HireLevel is giving back to Chemo Buddies of Evansville. Chemo Buddies acknowledges the trials associated with cancer treatments and is doing all they can to provide hope and encouragement to cancer patients, caregivers, and sometimes even the treatment nurses, as well as their volunteers in treatment rooms providing positive, uplifting experiences to everyone that feels the effects of cancer.

Through their cancer patient outreach, Chemo Buddies now has over 30,000 contacts a year. HireLevel takes pride in supporting charities such as this one that are making such a difference in the lives of the people around us and we encourage you to do the same. Through the Chemo Buddies website, there are several giving opportunities, such as donating funds, time, or purchasing from their store.

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