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Do You Hire Independent Contractors?

Jul 2, 2019

Written by Karsen McKinney, Content Marketing Strategist.
Edited by Katie Harrell, Recruitment Marketing Strategist.

When the future of work is based on flexibility, what does this mean for employers?

40% of American workers will be independent contractors by 2020. When you think of independent contractors, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re thinking something like “unreliable?” Or maybe even “not loyal.” In today’s market, where turnover is high and finding the right candidate with the best skillset doesn’t come fast and cheap, you’ve got to be ready to kiss that mentality goodbye. Replacing rockstars, heck any one really, just ain’t easy. However, it can be easier if you’re open to a workforce of independent workers.

Well, what are you looking for?

An employee wanting the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves is equivalent to them demonstrating the self-motivated, can-do attitude you were looking for during the hiring process. Have you changed your mind about what you’re looking for in your team? Maybe you just need to change how you’re looking. You will find even your full-time permanent team members require more & more flexibility.

Copy-of-HireLevelKnows Do You Hire Independent Contractors?

The silver lining of hiring independent contractors is…

There are resources to be saved ($$) in terms of benefits, office space, and training.

So other than that, why be open to a more flexible workforce? Today, employees put more weight on life balance, fulfillment, and quality of time spent rather than wealth and mindless work consuming their lives. They are challenging what employers think it means to “make the most of your time” and “work for a purpose.” How does this benefit you, you ask? They are also more focused on efficiency to get a job done faster, easier, and more accurate. So, when they accomplish this and actually do execute faster it’s up to employers to make a decision: Do we pay them for their expertise or their time? Do we add more to their plate to fill the 8a-5pm or do we let them enjoy the down time they have worked hard to earn?

Hint: Your answers to these questions are a test as to whether you’re ready for the future of work- the future of a less traditional workforce made of more independent workers. (Are you ready?)

If you answered “Pay them for their expertise.” Now, you’re ready to be flexible about time & reap the benefits of their loyalty. 

As the percentage of people wanting to work independently grows rapidly, start now. Start taking small executable steps toward offering a more flexible work environment by shifting your team’s mentality from filling the time in the day, checking boxes, and sitting on autopilot to efficiency, expertise, and execution. You will be surprised at how your organization grows.

Still think independent contractors aren’t reliable to hire? Maybe you need to ease into a contract-based workforce or aren’t really sure how to hire non-permanent employees

HireLevel is a partner in connecting job seekers with employers for temporary, contract, and permanent positions. After hearing more about our client’s opportunities and the scope of the job, we can advise what type of employee will best suit your company’s goals.

The future of the workplace will require employers becoming more flexible, hearing candidates out, and taking a non-traditional approach to hiring.  It’s time to get on board the independence train… Choo-Choo!