HireLevel’s Diversity Outreach Program Manager Named 2019 Wonder Woman

May 6, 2019

The St. Louis Small Business Monthly is recognizing women professionals who consistently can be found using their influences to help others. Earlier this year the Small Business Monthly sought out women who were working toward their personal success by serving others and leading their organizations to improve the region’s culture and economy. HireLevel believes this sounds exactly like their Diversity Outreach Program Manager, LadyAshley Gregory.

HireLevel refers to this type of leadership as servant leadership. LadyAshley passionately represents this leadership style, even challenging the company’s culture to grow. She spearheads HireLevel’s largest Diversity & Inclusion program, the HireLevel 2ndChance. An advocate for individuals with criminal backgrounds or any barrier to employment, an ambassador for employers who are dedicated to giving a hand up not a hand out, and a partner for community leaders with a common mission to give hope to individuals, break cycles for families, and strengthen communities & businesses; LadyAshley plays many roles in working to improve the region’s culture and economy.


WonderWoman HireLevel's Diversity Outreach Program Manager Named 2019 Wonder Woman

HireLevel, a full-service Human Capital Management firm, is excited to celebrate LadyAshley Gregory as she proves serving others is a path to success. Increasing diversity awareness is her personal and professional mission. Within HireLevel, LadyAshley is a member of the diversity and inclusion committee—educating team members on diversity initiatives in recruiting and client experiences to promote a more unified, diverse community and workforce. Most recently, she was chosen to be the Program Manager for the HireLevel 2ndChance initiative, and is helping to lead the charge by doing community outreach, educating re-entry job candidates and helping to integrate these employees back into the workforce successfully. 

More about LadyAshley Gregory:

Outside of HireLevel, LadyAshley facilitates Racial Bias training for companies in the St. Louis area through the Metro Trans Umbrella Group. Through this organization, she helped create and host the first ever 24 hour Facebook Live telethon raising over $12,000 in 24 hours and bringing awareness to transgender and LGBTQ issues in the St. Louis area. She is also an active member of the St. Louis Lady Arm Wrestlers, a feminist organization that arm wrestles to raise money for local non-profit organizations in the St. Louis area. LadyAshley is actively seeking more opportunities to bring awareness about diversity not only in the St. Louis area but also nationwide.  In 2016, she participated on multiple panels on diversity and cultural awareness at the Net-roots Nation National conference– the largest annual conference for progressives focused on advancing the values of justice, equality and community in our nation. LadyAshley is truly owning her impact in the world by fiercely living her mission. 

More about HireLevel’s 2ndChance program:

HireLevel’s 2ndChance initiative was designed to improve the employability of people with criminal records by working with employers and community partners to reduce risk and ensure candidates are integrating smoothly into the workforce.

HireLevel strategically hires re-entry individuals to create a competitive advantage and mitigate risk. Through diversity recruiting you have access to talent outside your normal talent pools. These candidates include all re-entry individuals (Vets, Homeless, w/disability, previously incarcerated, etc.) We are not talking about just demographic diversity but also differing work experience, education status, marital status, socioeconomic status, life experiences, background, and upbringing. We are talking about reducing barriers to employment and giving people a 2nd chance to a career path

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