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Diversity & Inclusion: What Really Counts After You Choose to Hire.

Mar 4, 2019

Blog written by: Karsen McKinney, Content Marketing Strategist.

Choosing to Hire is only the first choice.

pexels-photo-1059118-1024x762 Diversity & Inclusion: What Really Counts After You Choose to Hire.

Ever been asked to a party, but once you got there you felt like the odd one out? Maybe you were excluded from conversations or maybe the conversations and things going on just weren’t even appealing to you, & you unconsciously excluded yourself. You didn’t think this then, but this is what it’s like to have diversity without inclusion. Like you were invited to the party, but not asked to dance. (& all you want to do is dance!)

The corporate world is no different. Diversity seems to be a trend these days. Whoever is most diverse wins, but what are you even winning?

What winning with diversity looks like…

  • More productive team
  • More bold & innovative ideas
  • Brilliant process improvements
  • Decreased turnover rates
  • Functioning like a well-oiled machine

Whatever you “seem” to be winning at isn’t worth it. The perception of diversity is not a prize. It is not what you should strive for. If perception is what you’re going for, you’re at the top of the roller coaster– hold on tight!

How to Win with Diversity

  • Choose to Hire
  • Choose to Train
  • Choose to Retain

That’s right, winning with diversity is a choice. You’ve made the choice to hire a more diverse workforce, but that’s not enough. Have you considered what diversity means to you and your organization? Define it. Say it aloud. Then, choose to build a culture of inclusion.

Choosing to train: Starting with a choice to train your employees on what D&I really is and coach your teams on practicing inclusion. Choosing to train also means investing in all employees on-the-job skills and knowledge and offering equal opportunity for career growth.

Choosing to retain: Let’s talk about offering equal opportunity to grow. “If I were to work for you, what’s in it for me.” A blanket answer to this question just isn’t enough anymore. What changes are you making to tailor employee benefits to the needs & interests of multiple generations, different groups of people? With diversity, comes a greater need to listen & be adaptable to meet the unique needs of your diverse workforce.

 We must be willing to change the way we choose to hire; change the way we choose to train; and change the way we choose to retain.

Teresa Katubig, President & CEO HireLevel.

If you’re ready to experience winning with diversity & inclusion, having a long-term partner on the journey as you choose to hire will create accountability & support.

Join our live stream on Tuesday March 26th at 9:30am to learn more about our diversity & inclusion program, the HireLevel 2ndChance. This is a panel discussion with our owner, Teresa Katubig, and our community partners.

2ndChance-postcard Diversity & Inclusion: What Really Counts After You Choose to Hire.

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