HireLevel Paints a New Picture of Indianapolis’s Future through Art With a Heart

Feb 25, 2019

Love is in the air, and HireLevel is giving back to an organization that shares care and love throughout the year. As part of the #HireLevelDifference Charitable Giving challenge, HireLevel has chosen to support Art With a Heart in Indianapolis this February.

ArtwithaHeart-Indy-Feb-1024x768 HireLevel Paints a New Picture of Indianapolis’s Future through Art With a Heart

Art With a Heart is an organization that provides instructional fine arts courses to children in the Indianapolis area. Founded in 2002 as a one-week summer camp with 114 students, the program has expanded to offering honors art classes, extracurriculars, and Kindergarten classes to over 1,200 children each year. Founder Carol Conrad is passionate about sharing her love of art through exemplary education, regardless of students’ life circumstances – 70% of Art With a Heart participants live in poverty.

Creative capacities are definitely a focus of the program, but it also enforces academics. The skills learned through Art With a Heart are transferable to school and life in general, such as critical thinking and problem-solving. The curriculums of Art With a Heart follow state-mandated standards, and the student-teacher ratio is an incredible 12-1.

Through art, education, and love; Art With a Heart is painting a new picture of Indianapolis’s future. HireLevel was able to assist in their mission with a donation of, $1,460.00 but encourages readers to get involved as well. Visit for more information on donating or volunteering your time.

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