HireLevel’s Jessica Weathers Named a Marvelous Millennial

Feb 5, 2019

HireLevel’s Jessica Weathers, Senior Business Development in St. Louis, named a 2019 Marvelous Millennial among St. Louis’ Best.

The St. Louis Small Business Monthly is honoring a generation of professionals for their ability to lead and create leaders in business and community. The Millennial label often comes with a negative connotation, but let’s put that aside and recognize the strengths our Millennials bring to the table, adding value to today’s business world. HireLevel, a full-service Human Capital Management firm, is excited to celebrate Jessica Weathers as we do believe she is one of the best.JW-MarvelousMillennials HireLevel's Jessica Weathers Named a Marvelous Millennial

Jessica is passionate about owning her impact in the community and inspiring others to find and own theirs. Jessica’s passion for people is what motivates her.

The scope of Jessica’s role at HireLevel includes providing jobs, inspiring career goals, bringing employers quality hires, recognizing operational deficiencies and anticipating obstacles and pain points of her clients. Jessica is a top sales representative who has a knack for relating with people. In fact, Jessica says “I give people the ability to be more human and hope they recognize that even though I’m a sales person I am human too.”  Since joining the HireLevel team in 2016, Jessica has been focused on driving company growth not only through revenue but also through personal and team development.

She is responsible for more than 50% of our St. Louis market growth year over year, doubling her personal sales since 2016, to reach $2.2M in 2018. Additionally, she plays a significant role in company wide process improvement, sales training, and branch team training to align our teams across departments and create a seamless candidate and client experience.

Outside of HireLevel, Jessica lives her passion for helping people by donating her time and money and raising awareness about causes she supports through social media. Jessica is a leader, dedicated to HireLevel’s growth and the growth of her clients and community.

We are proud to have Jessica on our team and Jessica is ecstatic to be on the positive side of the stereotype saying, “Thank you SBM for recognizing me alongside the other honorees. Our generation gets a bad rap, and I think it’s safe to say from this group of amazing individuals that we are capable of overcoming the adversity of a negative, generic label.”


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Marvelous-Millennials HireLevel's Jessica Weathers Named a Marvelous Millennial

The 2019 Marvelous Millennials list is published by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly. In their February 2019 issue, they are profiling some of the area’s top Millennial employees that are REALLY making a difference. Lazy, disineterested, etc….Hardly. This list is highlighting some of the area’s TOP millennials in STL based on their efforts to help others become successful business leaders.


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