Human Resources

5 Steps to Keep Employee Buy-In

Jan 7, 2019

Blog written by: Karsen McKinney, Content Marketing Strategist.
Maybe you have a team of dreamers, but how do you turn dreamers into doers? Reaching your company’s goals requires getting your team’s investment in the company’s key results and keeping employee’s motivated day in and day out.  So, you’ve got the first one down, right? Employee’s buy-in. What’s your action plan to keep the buy-in of your employees?
We have a goal for that one too. It’s called being an Employer of Choice.

Become an Employer of Choice


1.Learn & be adaptable to change

Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. It’s cozy in there I’m sure. But remember growth happens when you take a step outside of comfortable. Always be learning about your industry, your team, tools for efficiency. Have a key group of people to help you evaluate what grass is greener and what really isn’t. The kicker is, as you learn and decide to implement, you must be ready to put a change management strategy in place. How will you communicate with your team at all levels? How will you ensure all team members are up to speed and trained? How will you update all existing documentation? This is what I mean by change management. Be adaptable, but well informed & strategic.

2. Give back.

Give back to your employees, your customers, your family and your community. People are everything. It’s about offering a hand up, not a hand out.  Do not take them for granted. Practice thankfulness and appreciation. The two will go a long away.

3. Inspire leaders.

Don’t be a dictator. Be a leader. Own your actions. Recognize your mistakes. Have your employees’ backs, but hold them accountable and challenge them when they are missing the mark. By building trust, investing your time in, and empowering your employees you will yield a stronger, more productive and more loyal team. Always be increasing opportunities for personal and career development. Not sure where to start? Just start a conversation. Ask your employees. They have a first-hand take on what they look for in leadership.  Need some ideas? Reach out to our Director of Marketing, Erin Kopec. She helped kick start our annual leadership program, quarterly round tables, and more.

4. Work & fun can get along.

Whether you believe this one or not, trust us, it’s true. The balance of fun in the workplace is a powerful thing. It builds teams, creates actionable ideas, strengthens processes, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves communications. Employee-driven culture with a positive atmosphere creates people-driven ROI. Want to know about some of the things we have implemented & the results? Just ask our HR Manager, Samantha Loucks.

5. Be transparent.

Set the company’s goals as a team. Your company’s goals and initiatives should be a collaborative project. You may find areas that require cross-training and others where you need to work through some kinks in communication first. But what better way to get team buy-in from day 1? Regularly review your successes and your failures together and celebrate each other as you hit milestones. At HireLevel, we have implemented things such as mid year and end of year retreats solely dedicated to team goal setting & evaluation as well as quarterly company-wide live updates on those goals. We have flipped our goal planning upside down and taken an individual role approach to meeting our key results. To take your goal planning to a higher level, reach out to our very own President & CEO, Teresa Katubig.


When it comes to keeping your employees’ buy-in to drive your company’s goals, your first goal should be becoming an employer of choice or creating a company culture that is defined by your employees. Ask more questions. Open conversations for idea generation. Create opportunities for growth. Be a window not a wall. Don’t be afraid to have fun. When it’s time to hire new team members, hire for more than skills. Hire for culture-fit.

To find out how your team can find skilled candidates who are a culture-fit, you can submit a job opportunity directly to us or simply start a conversation.