HireLevel Gives Back to Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois

Nov 28, 2018

Every month, HireLevel volunteers their time and resources to help the greater good. The company aims to diversify its giving through their #HireLevelDifference program, seeking local charities and organizations that have a unique impact in their communities. For the month of October, HireLevel partnered with an organization that is genuinely unlike any other.

44168513_10211595390995402_547372364736757760_n HireLevel Gives Back to Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois

The Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois coordinates a trip for veterans to Washington, DC so they can visit monuments and memorials dedicated to honoring them and their service. Since its inception, the Honor Flight has made 4 trips, including the flight this October. HireLevel employees gathered at the Marion Airport to volunteer on the night of the flight and contributed $1,565 through the #HireLevelDifference campaign to donate to this organization.

The Honor Flight believes that it is not only the veterans’ right, but an absolutely crucial experience to visit these monuments. During their one-day excursion, veterans are given free airfare, bus fare, entry fees, food, and coverage for any other expenses during their time there. They visit the National World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and other monuments and memorials. This program is made to benefit veterans who served between World War II and the Korean War, those who are terminally ill, and of course any who have not yet visited these memorials. Veterans are also given a guardian throughout the day to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience.

The Honor Flight defines a veteran as “ANY person (male or female) that has worn the uniform of the US military…including those that have served in the US Reserves and the National Guard.” Anyone who meets these conditions is eligible for this free experience, with the exception of those on a medical order not to travel. However, the Honor Flight will do everything in their power to make sure veterans can make the trip, including working directly with physicians. Wheelchairs are also provided for any veterans who may need mobility assistance; there is no special request necessary, as the Honor Flight takes extra wheelchairs on each journey in case any veteran wishes to use one.

Mission 5 of the Honor Flight will be happening in May of 2019. HireLevel encourages readers to get involved with this amazing organization by visiting their website. Specific links for registering a veteran, becoming a guardian, donating, or volunteering may be found below.

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