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5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

Jul 26, 2018

Written by Nelly Balley, Recruiter & Account Manager.
Graphics by Hailey Winkleman, Marketing Intern.

5-Reasons-Header-1024x324 5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

Inclusion in the workplace seems to be a hot topic right now. But the concept holds much more untapped potential than just sitting as a hot topic. This isn’t just at trend to come and go. It’s a practice that needs to be put into action. No more waiting; no more avoiding awkward conversations; no more being afraid to step on toes or get your feet wet. It’s time to open up the floor for conversation, step out of our comfort zones, and make the workplace an environment that everyone feels welcome to come and to express their ideas.  Inclusion in the workplace is crucial to growing and sustaining businesses and our workforce. Not only does it also help with your company’s bottom line…

It provides these 5 great benefits:

5-Reasons-1.-Happier-Employees-1024x148 5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

Inclusion produces happier employees.

When everyone feels included, morale goes up. This leads to higher satisfaction and empowerment within the organization that will radiate throughout.

5-Reasons-2.-Growing-Culture-1024x148 5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

The culture of the workplace environment becomes innovative.

In homogeneous workplaces, the culture is going to remain the same. But within an inclusive workforce, there is a culture that promotes new growth and a diverse way of thinking; it produces an environment of ingenuity.

5-Reasons-3.-New-Knowledge-1024x148 5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

You have a more educated, well-versed workbase.

By creating a diverse & inclusive workplace you are bringing a wealth of knowledge into the room; including those who might otherwise not be a part of the conversation. Fresh new perspectives will allow for an organization to overcome new challenges and provide innovation.

5-Reasons-4.-Increased-Production-1024x148 5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

Production increases.

When ideas from employees are heard, they are more motivated to come together and outperform most other teams by 35% according to research by McKinsey & Co.

5-Reasons-5.-Greater-Diversity-1024x148 5 Benefits of Creating Inclusion in the Workplace

Drives the momentum behind your company’s diversity programming.

Diversity means nothing if you do not include the voices of all of your workforce. Ensure that you are practicing inclusion alongside diversity to reap the full benefits.


So now I challenge you…

What are you doing that encompasses inclusivity in your workplace? Or if you have a program in place what can you do to improve inclusivity?
(Hint: Make sure to include others in your decision-making process.)

Download the 5 Reasons to Create Inclusion in the Workplace Infographic here.

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