The American Dream and the Evolution of Staffing

May 4, 2018

Written by Blake Bussie, Marketing Intern

Did you know that war caused the rise of the staffing industry?

The World War II era forever changed America’s culture, economy, and people. How did it change and progress the world of staffing and employment is the real question. As men and women left to fight oversees, they left a lot of positions open and available. These jobs could not go unfilled, but how do you replace that many people at a substantial rate? We are talking tens to thousands of positions that needed filling. Yes, you guessed it, the staffing industry was born.

Millions of people are employed by the Staffing Industry each year

Starting in the Midwest (where HireLevel was founded in 1995) staffing agencies were on the rise. This brought about more opportunities for economic growth, equality and prosperity for women in the workplace–leading hardworking Americans on a path toward the American Dream. From the 1940s to present day, staffing continues to be a booming industry that employs 3 million workers in the United States each year… (7,000 are employed by HireLevel). Everything from doctors, lawyers, custodians, industrial, clerical, engineers, and even CEO’s! It has evolved into an extraordinary industry that benefits millions.

Check out this graphic for the timeline!

The-Evolution-of-Staffing The American Dream and the Evolution of Staffing