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Keeping Time on Your Side with Mobile Timekeeping

Apr 26, 2018

Blog written by Ashley York, Payroll Specialist.

The face of business is changing.  The industrial-age image of employees solemnly waiting in line to punch out at the end of a hard day’s work just isn’t accurate anymore.  As the nature of work changes, so does the role of the employer.

Business owners have become more than entrepreneurs: they are marketing managers and maintenance men; they are often the first ones at work in the morning and the last ones to leave.   Wearing so many hats can be exhausting, but innovative mobile timekeeping solutions exist that make tracking employees’ time the easiest check-mark on the to-do list.

multi-tasking-2840792_1920-1-1024x778 Keeping Time on Your Side with Mobile Timekeeping

With mobile timekeeping any device can be a punch-clock

Where traditional punch-clocks have come a long way, the necessity for mobility and advancement in technology have made them antiquated.  With mobile timekeeping any device becomes a punch-clock, and employees can clock in on location via tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Worried about employees clocking in from their couches?  GPS-enabled timekeeping is already a step ahead.  This feature allows the business owner to set location parameters for punch-ins that must then corroborate with the coordinates of the employee’s device, ensuring the honesty of the employee and the accuracy of their punches.

Turn timekeeping into a time-saver.

The best feature of mobile timekeeping is that it usually accompanies software designed to streamline the entire payroll process.  With today’s technology, employees’ punches are tabulated into easy-to-read timesheets.  This data is also available to export, eliminating the room for human error and the time it takes to manually input employees’ hours.

From the actual clock-punching in the field to the creation of paychecks, mobile timekeeping reduces employer stress.  Employers can now refrain from actively participating in the timekeeping process without relinquishing control of it. Throw away the pencils and spreadsheets, and rip the punch-clock off the wall.  Take business to the next level by turning timekeeping into a time-saver with mobile timekeeping.