HireLevel Gives Back to Mission St. Louis in an effort to make a #HireLevelDifference

Mar 7, 2018

HireLevel one of the region’s largest women-owned employment, payroll, and workforce companies specializing in Human Capital Management, is continuing their mission to beat their 2017 giving goal for their #HireLevelDifference Charitable Giving Campaign! HireLevel prides themselves on wanting to empower and improve the lives of those who need it most within their communities, not only in job opportunities, but in their daily lives. That’s why this campaign is designated to help enrich our local communities, and give back to those in need.

In February, HireLevel dedicated their #HireLevelDifference campaign to Mission St. Louis located in St. Louis, Missouri. The founder, Josh Wilson had seen first-hand how poverty had afflicted the city being that 1 of 3 people live in poverty in St. Louis. Through the power of his faith and commitment to enrich the community, Josh made it his ‘mission’ to bring about change and prosperity to the St. Louis communities by starting Mission St. Louis.

Their mission is to empower people to transform their lives, families and neighborhoods with the vision to provide opportunity and relationships to the community. HireLevel was pleased to provide Mission St. Louis with a donation of $1,390.MissionStLouisFEB HireLevel Gives Back to Mission St. Louis in an effort to make a #HireLevelDifference

If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please visit their website at There voluntarism consists of reviving thrift shops, group service projects, income tax assistance, mentors, tutors, and many more opportunities.

For more information on HireLevel and their #HireLevelDifference campaign, please visit or contact Erin Kopec at You can also watch this video that highlights HireLevel’s charitable mission and goals.