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2018 New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Business

Dec 19, 2017

According to Statistic Brain, 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and only 8% achieve them. Let’s resolve to increasing that 8%. Cheers to a HireLevel 2018!

scrabble-resolutions-1024x683 2018 New Year's Resolution Checklist for Business

New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Business

1. Plan to Learn, Get Inspired, & Be Influential.

Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. It’s cozy in there I’m sure, but eventually you’ll get cabin fever and need to break out. Make 2018 a year of personal growth and career growth. What’s that old saying? Knowledge is Power?… Well I can’t promise this resolution will directly translate to power but I can promise the energy boost you get from the fresh ideas and new skill set you obtain & share with others will have you feeling like a #boss.

2. Give Back.

Give back to your employees, your customers, your family and your community. People are everything. Do not take them for granted. Practice thankfulness and appreciation. The two will go a long away.

3. You’re Human, Be Human.

Don’t be a dictator. Be a leader. Don’t be a robot. Be intuitive. Think with your heart, alongside your mind. But don’t be lazy, irresponsible, or unaccountable. Own your actions. Recognize your mistakes. Be understanding and forgiving. Remember your employees are human too.

4. Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Remember your resolution to be human? You have a life outside of work. If you feel like you do not, resolve to make one. Like to travel? Plan a trip. Have a family? Spend some QT with them (no phones, computers, other connected gadgets allowed). Are you a thrill seeker? Start on your bucket list. A book worm? Dive into a new genre. A crafter? Start a project. Don’t have any hobbies? This resolution is for you. Your work and your life are completely dependent on each other. Work Hard. Play Hard.

5. Organize & Strategize.

Resolve to schedule time every week for business planning. Set small goals. Review your successes and your failures. Perform a gap analysis. Keep records of what worked and what didn’t. Keep the big picture in mind, but remember it’s all in the details. Celebrate yourself and give credit to those who contributed. Make adjustments for the future.

6. Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Have a plan in place to manage your time and labor costs and human capital. Having employees should make your job easier. If it doesn’t, know why. Don’t spend your valuable time and create a headache for yourself over managing the people who are supposed to be lightening your work load. If managing your workforce is defeating the purpose of having a workforce, resolve to get help. Reach out to your network. Discover solutions. Time is Money.

7. Expand Your Reach & Provide Value to Your Audience.

In 2018, hone in on your marketing strategy. Increase your value to your audience by providing them with solutions to their problems & tools to reduce their challenges. You can do this through your products (if you have them) and also by establishing yourself as a thought leader. (This requires you to be a subject-matter expert so make sure you follow through with Resolution #1). Vamp up your social media reach by utilizing social messaging tools—these messengers are the new door-to-door and cold-call sales. Whatever you do make a plan, and keep cost and analysis in mind. (Aka follow through with Resolution #5).

Living by 2 words, you can achieve your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions.

Be Accountable.

If you plan on being accountable in 2018 and holding your team accountable, check out our guide to employee performance reviews and the form to help you get the process started.


Blog written by: Karsen McKinney, Content Marketing Strategist.

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