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We Know The Key To Company Success, and You Won’t Believe The Answer….

Dec 4, 2017

Now what if we told you that one of the main keys to company success is as simple as happy employees, and a healthy work environment?

Establishing a healthy work environment is crucial to the productivity of an organizations’ employees. Keeping the right balance in the workplace is very important to boosting an employees’ morale, which in return boosts company success. The higher the morale, the higher the employee engagement. Disengaged employees tend to spread their unhappiness throughout the team, which causes low productivity, an impact in sales, and drags down the culture of the company.

keyboard-key-success-online-39389-1024x685 We Know The Key To Company Success, and You Won't Believe The Answer....

According to the Harvard Business Review study, collaboration of colleagues have increased by 50% in the last two decades. In addition, 80% of employees’ time is spent:

· Making and Answering Telephone Calls

· Reading and Writing Emails

· Attending Meetings in Person or Online

With all of the time spent collaborating, most employees don’t have time to complete their own individual responsibilities in the workplace. By establishing flexible deadlines that are challenging yet not demanding, employees adapt better to a busy work day without feeling like they are stretched too thin. To get your employees empowered and engaged, identify the problem and recharge the battery! This simply means to identify the good and bad of the work environment, eliminate the negative source, and then revisiting productivity goals. Employees play a big role in a comfortable work environment. With this in mind, you must identify good and poor staff and task them accordingly. A good employee enjoys coming to work and completing their tasks while loving the people that they engage with. There are many ways to create a satisfying and productive work environment for employees.

· Encourage Positive Thinking

· Eliminate Crowded Office Space

· Celebrate Wins

· Take Breaks, Stretch, Engage w/ Others

· Use Bright Colors throughout the Office Setting

· Facilitate Team Building Activities

· Pushing Vacation Time

When a work environment is comfortable for employees to engage and work productively, the company can meet its bottom line without overspending. Most successful companies have achieved this company success by providing a safe and satisfying work environment. Allowing your employees to be involved in the decision making creates the sense of value. Feedback from your employees are important as well, to knowing how to take care of them. Instead of having long power point presentations, have open discussions of your expectations to accomplish company goals. Allow your employees to voice their opinions freely without reprimand. Don’t judge; evaluate! View them as human beings that can make mistakes. Mistakes are correctable and can be overturned. Empower your employees by being supportive and positive about the work they do. Remember, “Happy Employees = a Successful Company!”

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