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Essential Tips for Managing Your Remote Workforce

Nov 20, 2017

Remote employees are becoming more common in today’s workplace.  They may work 50 to 500 miles from the corporate office.  How can you make sure you are staying in compliance in regards to your remote workforce?  How can you help ensure they feel like part of your company’s culture?  Here are a few recommendations.

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5 Tips to Stay in Compliance with Remote Employees

1 – If they are working in a different state, you will need to get an unemployment withholding ID number in that state.  You will need to be in compliance with any additional states labor laws that vary from the home state.  The remote employee is considered an employee in that state, not the home state of the company.  You may need to withhold for state disability insurance (CA, HI, NJ, NY, PR, RI).

2 – Make sure they are filling out all required new hire paperwork.  Remote employees need to fill out an I9 form, federal W-4 and any state withholding forms if applicable.

3 -How will you track your remote employee’s schedule?  Will they have a consistent schedule every week?  Are they clocking in and out?

4 – Make sure you are notifying remote employees of any changes to company policies or updates to workforce labor laws.  Post notices on the company intranet, if one doesn’t exist, fax, email or mail the information directly to the employee.

5 – Each state has their own income tax requirements.  Make sure you stay on top of the filing deadlines, tax rates and changes.  HireLevel has the expertise to make sure everything is accurate!

Engagement: How can you help them feel connected to the company and their coworkers?

  • When you do have face to face interactions with your remote employees make time for small talk. Catch up on the latest season finale, the big game or the little ones dance recital.
  • Use video conferencing as often as you can. See those facial expressions and body language!
  • Send them company swag. Everyone loves a t-shirt or can koozie!  Plus they are promoting your business in a different area!

We recommend that you take advantage of today’s technology and how it has transformed the traditional workforce. If you are a leader in your organization, you may already be leading an individual or team remotely. It is important that you set policies and expectations for the new emerging remote workforce.

We encourage you to give it a try! Learn more about how HireLevel can manage your remote workforce with our professional, industrial staffing and payroll solutions.

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