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Bulk Seasonal Hiring? We Can Help! : Year-End Means Endless Possibilities for HireLevel Edwardsville

Nov 15, 2017

It’s officially November, which means many companies are ramping up for their year-end hiring needs in preparation for the holidays. Like the rest of our locations, HireLevel Edwardsville is especially rockin’ and rollin’ at this time of the year because it is indeed time for what we here at HireLevel Edwardsville call “peak season.”

PEAK SEASON: A certain time of year when the demand for hiring seasonal or temporary employees is high due to the increased volume of consumerism, and production rates.

Since opening their doors in 2007, HireLevel Edwardsville has built great connections and provided many job opportunities within the community for 10+ years. As an industrial and professional staffing service, they are able to help provide essential resources for those looking for employment in the Edwardsville area during these peak seasons. Edwardsville is currently hiring for a vast amount of positions including;

· Business Development (internal)

· Forklift Operators

· Pickers/Packers

· Operators

“We have been an active business in the Edwardsville market for over 10 years now,” said Nicole Kline, Director of Strategic Accounts and Edwardsville manager. “We want to make sure our community is given the maximum treatment by providing great temporary/seasonal positions in a comfortable work environment.” According to the National Retail Federation, there will be close to a 4% increase in retail sales based on online and in-store retail shopping this year alone, as well as a prediction of close to 550,000 seasonal jobs to make these sales happen. There are hundreds of positions to fill and Edwardsville wants you!

Image-1-1024x768 Bulk Seasonal Hiring? We Can Help! : Year-End Means Endless Possibilities for HireLevel Edwardsville

HireLevel Edwardsville Team

If you are an employee or employer in need of our services during peak season, please contact the HireLevel Edwardsville Regional Manager, Nicole Kline at or call (618) 655-1212 and she’ll be happy to help. To learn more about HireLevel’s services and job opportunities, please visit