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Work Hard, Play Harder: The Benefits of Employee Vacation Time

Aug 11, 2017

Hi. Do you need a vacation?

I think the answer to this question is – yes, we all could use a vacation.  But are you taking your vacation days owed to you by your employer?  Studies have shown that most American employees are not taking their paid vacation.  This seems like a bizarre phenomenon but it’s true, a study conducted by Glassdoor and Harris Interactive showed that only 25% of Americans take all of their paid time off and one conducted by Skift, revealed a whopping 42% of Americans do not take any of their vacation days. Staffing agencies are a great resource when needing to fill in the gaps during the summer months. We suggest that you encourage your team to take the vacations they deserve!

Capture-1024x513 Work Hard, Play Harder: The Benefits of Employee Vacation Time

This opens the question: are my employees over-worked or stressed, and are they able to produce their best work?

The benefits of taking vacation:

  1. Relieves Stress – Stress can negatively affect multiple areas of your life physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to ensure we manage our stress levels in order to perform our best!  Taking a vacation can help relieve built up anxieties and helps relieve stress. SO TAKE THAT VACATION.
  2. Increased Happiness – Happy employees result in a highly engaged workforce! The psychological benefits that come with more time off, often lead to an increased quality of life, resulting in a happier employee!
  3. Mental Power – Hit the reset button in your brain! You may think that working all the time is productive; however, overworking your brain can be counterproductive.  The processing capacity of the conscious mind is limited. Our minds do not have the mental capacity or reserve to withstand long periods of information and stress.  Taking time off will help reset your brain; allowing you to return from your vacation with a well-functioning, fresh-tuned mind!
  4. Breed Creativity/ New Perspectives– A good vacation can help us reconnect with ourselves and help us get back to feeling our best!  By stepping away from the problems and stresses you are facing at work, you will be able to come back with a new outlook and perspectives.  Living in an age of innovation, we need the minds of our employees to breed creativity!
  5. Reduced Risk of Burn-Out– Employees that take time off perform better, it’s a fact.

So GO, take that vacation!  Be happy, release some stress, and gain new perspectives so you can come back to work being the best version of you!

Staffing agencies, like HireLevel are here to help with your temporary or permanent needs. We can pick up the slack when your employees leave for vacation. Contact us today!

Blog written by: Alexandria Kostansek, Strategic Project Manager