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Recruiters Speak Out: How Recruitment Services Can Benefit Your Hiring Process

Apr 13, 2017

One of the largest challenges that businesses face in 2018 is hiring and retaining the right people to add to their teams. Human resources will spend countless payroll hours creating job descriptions, filtering through resumes, and holding interviews in search of the perfect candidate. However, hiring a candidate can be a much larger task than what it used to be with fewer applicants in the talent pool, lack of previous experience, and making sure that the candidate is a cultural fit for your company. This sounds like a large workload to handle in house, which is why workforce development companies come with a bonus of recruitment services to assist your company in this process.

StaffingTree Recruiters Speak Out: How Recruitment Services Can Benefit Your Hiring Process


Here’s what gives recruitment services their edge:

Let’s start with the basics: Each one of our applicants go through an interview process, and prior to that they complete an employment application online, supplemental paperwork, and get to sit down for a one-on-one interview with an employment specialist. The goal is for us to review all resumes for skills necessary, get an idea of if a candidate would be a good fit for your culture based on the information provided to us, and to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them prior to going to an interview with one of our clients or showing up to work at a job site. They are given the necessary tools and information to succeed in their role, while your recruitment services company does all of your pre-screening for you.

Remember all the tedious payroll hours on sourcing through resumes? We use several types of methods when it comes to not only searching for resumes, but recognizing the key qualities from each. We use several different recruiting tools, and have team members that are certified search consultants to source through hundreds of resumes weekly. We not only make sure that the candidate is a skill set fit, but that it’s actually a job they enjoy to help your companies employment retention. Our services provide the complete experience, and take it even further by providing various advertising and promotions to target even more job seekers.

You may be thinking “you can’t fix the lack of candidates in the talent pool.” Our recruitment services may not be able to change the statistic, however we do try to make it easier to be accessible to candidates. We hold a variety of recruiting events and attend career fairs to attract the best applicants possible for our current and upcoming positions. We research the different territories to see where events can be held and then decide and set time for applicants to come in to hear more about our job openings. Our recruiters will also conduct on the spot interviews for applicants in the area looking to apply with our company, the same process occurs if they were to come in the office. This allows us the opportunity to be in the community educating the candidates on our services and to bring more awareness to the term “full service staffing.” Recruitment services play a very important role to ensure all interviews are conducted efficiently. We take the necessary steps to provide the best experience possible for our applicants and clients to make sure that are happy with their outcome.

Have you ever thought about partnering with a workforce development company to utilize their recruitment services? There are many reasons why recruiters can be a very beneficial part to your hiring process. Our website is filled with tons of information that can direct you with a layout of why HireLevel is always aiming higher because “We are doers and thinkers. Finding the right people is what we do best.” Find out how our recruitment services can be great fit for your organization.

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