HireLevel Helps Gilda’s Club Members in Evansville, IN Share Their Life Experiences

Apr 4, 2017

(April 4, 2017 – Evansville, IN) Encouraging and sharing a sense of community is exactly what HireLevel powered by Extra Help, one of the region’s largest women-owned employment, payroll, and workforce services companies, strive to ingrain in their employee’s when they began their Charitable Giving Challenge, now known as the #HireLevelDifference campaign, a little over a year ago. This is why for the month of March they have chosen to give back to Gilda’s Club in Evansville, IN.

Gildas-Club-2017-1024x652 HireLevel Helps Gilda's Club Members in Evansville, IN Share Their Life Experiences

HireLevel Helps Gilda’s Club Members


Katrinka Rynder, Business Development in the Evansville HireLevel location, isn’t a stranger to the hardships of having family members and friends who’ve fought cancer in the past. “In today’s society it is hard to really find anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer. I personally have had several close friends and family members who have had their life effected by cancer, and Gilda’s Club is a wonderful organization where all individuals who are in need of emotional and social support can go! I truly wish I had utilized this wonderful organization when I could have used the support in the past.”

Gilda’s Club provides a place where anyone touched by cancer can laugh, cry, confront fears, share triumphs, and learn how to live with cancer. It is a place where the community can find strength, comfort, and wisdom by sharing their experiences; a comfortable place to recognize and release the many emotions that go along with the cancer journey. They offer a variety of workshops, classes, groups, and activities free of charge for individuals facing cancer, their family, and their friends.

“No one should face cancer alone and with the generosity of HireLevel, the members of Gilda’s Club Evansville will be able to gather, share stories and support each other,” said Dorothy Pergola, Development Coordinator at Gilda’s Club in Evansville. “It’s the simple things in life that remind us life goes on after a cancer diagnosis and when we connect over shared experiences it makes the journey a little easier.”

Gilda’s Club has many ways that you can contribute to their cause. For more information on volunteer opportunities, making contributions, or donating to their wish list; please visit

For more information on HireLevel and their #HireLevelDifference campaign, please visit