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Your Employment Agency Sent You Top Millennial Talent… Now What?

Feb 27, 2017

As Millennials are taking over as the new face of the workforce, HireLevel, a company who specializes in workforce management, understands that finding and retaining talent isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. If you haven’t worked with an employment agency for your recruiting challenges, you are missing out on a more streamlined hiring process.  Millennials are extremely tech savvy due to the fact they grew up in the age of digital and social media, which means they are applying to jobs online now more than ever. They also find importance in company culture, as well as the opportunity for lasting relationships and the ability to learn and grow within the company itself. Without these types of career opportunities, these passionate and hardworking individuals become much harder to retain in the long run.

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Here are four top trade secrets when it comes to retaining 21st century talent from your local employment agency:

Company Culture

The right company culture can make or break an employee’s experience. Make sure you tell your employment agency what your culture is like so they can help find the perfect match! Millennials in the workforce want a company’s culture and values to be aligned with their own. Companies all over are trying to diversify their workforce, but they are not always taking measures to change their culture to match their new diverse workforce. Millennials like the idea of a more stress free working environment so integrating pool tables, video games, and exercise rooms can help with balancing work and life, and help shape a collaborative company culture.

More Than Average Benefits

Millennials want benefits, but not just the standard health insurance and 401K plans. Millennials are the most educated generation to date, but also have the most student loan debt. When companies started rolling out furthering education plans it was to benefit the older workforce, and to help them gain the education they needed to move up with their company. Consider having a student loan pay off plan instead of just furthering your education plans.

Another benefit important to Millennials are vacation days. Millennials want to travel, and more paid time off gives them this opportunity. A leader in technology in St. Louis implemented an unlimited vacation day policy. This company is trusting that they hire intelligent employees that will use good judgement and not abuse the policy. Management does not enjoy being short staffed at the end of the year because employees are using up their paid time off, and this eliminates that issue.

Room for Growth

Millennials have been known to be “job hoppers,” but what is causing them to jump from company to company so often in their first few years in the workforce? Millennials want room to advance in their careers and if they see something or someone blocking their way they will self-promote through a new company. Company loyalty is no longer existent in this generation due to seeing their parents and grandparents laid off, and companies not being loyal to long term employees. According to Forbes, 91% of millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years. This statistic can make your HR team tremble. Working with HireLevel will give you a chance to check out their work habits, attitude on the job, and overall performance before hiring them on.


Recently I have seen a trend on LinkedIn articles stating that millennials do not care about salary. Being a millennial I found this very interesting and wondered where people are getting this information? This inspired me to ask my millennial friends and coworkers what is important to them when looking for a job. Almost every person I questioned said salary was the most important factor to them. Pay was also a common theme in why they would leave their current position for a new one, even when they were happy with their current position.

Let HireLevel Help When Hiring Millennials

When hiring Millennials you must work to make your workplace attractive. Turnover can be expensive but by utilizing an employment agency it can give the trainee time to evaluate the working environment and also allow you time to asses training needs and the fit of your company.  Working with an employment agency can help funnel your resumes and find the best culture fit and if it doesn’t work out, don’t worry our staffing team can reassign employees as needed with our ongoing pipeline of candidates.

Contact our certified recruiting team to get started on finding top talent in 2017!