Human Resources

The Talent Pool is Changing. Have you updated your tackle box?

Dec 12, 2016

There are many great suggestions as to what a successful angler needs to keep in their tackle box and I have found that it is very similar to the items that are in a recruiters “tackle box.”

Extra Line: When you throw in your line, there is no guarantee that your line can withstand the tests of the day! This is similar when it comes to the talent pool. Just as fish in the stream are all uniquely different, you cast your line and see who you can recruit. You are going to have to get creative with your recruiting approach, because the fish aren’t going to bite if they see the obvious “line.” A thin, clear line is helpful when you approach a prospective candidate. Being direct, yet mindful while recruiting is key. There are so many lines that are being dropped in the stream, recruiters have to use fresh approaches and make their e-mails, voicemail messages, and conversations standout!

Extra Hooks: Variety is key! Not every person will be hooked the same, so you need to make sure that your hooks come in a variety pack! It’s a great feeling when you find the perfect candidate who has taken the worm and has been hooked! The realistic side is that at anytime, that candidate can wiggle and decide that even though this offer sounds good, there are other offers out there that might sound better. You don’t want to let your good candidates get away….so change your hook! Is it ever too late to re bait?

Bobbers: When that bobber sinks, you know that the fish is biting! The line was direct, the bait was good, and the candidate is hooked and you’re ready to reel them in! Don’t lose focus until you have sealed the deal. You have to keep the fish cool.

Sinkers: Why do you need to sweeten the deal with a sinker? Just as a hook and worm are too light to sink below the surface, you must have a sinker on that line. You need to have an offer that not only sounds good, but IS good. Talk is cheap and you will be rejected faster than a fish out of water if you don’t have your facts straight and relayed them to the candidate.

Worms: What kind of bait are you going to use? With recruiters inundating the talent pool, you cannot send a form e-mail and expect to get the best of the best. Are you recruiting via social media or are you sticking with the old school ways of posting a “Help Wanted” ad in the local newspaper. Neither approach is bad. The discussion would be about what type of candidate you are trying to attract. Are you looking for that top talent, big game fish or just something to fill your appetite?  Be looking for a more colorful and captivating approach that will stand out among the competition but always remember that live bait is appealing to some “fish” depending on what your goal is. Be real. Be honest. Be transparent.

Lures: Sometimes just keeping recruiting simple will attract the right person. It is situational and depends on what position you’re trying to fill. If you’re recruiting for an accounting position for example, you want to keep it pretty black and white. If you’re looking for a creative director, you have to put the most colorful lure in and really put yourself out there in order to attract the most qualified person!

Line Cutter: When it gets too complicated, just cut the line and begin again! So many times as recruiters, we have done everything imaginable to make everything work out beautifully and sometimes, in the end, it backfires and is just not worth it. If there is drama during the recruiting process, what makes you think that there won’t be any drama or tangled lines when the candidate starts this new job? Cut the line. Learn from the obstacles that you faced and move forward.

Are you prepared to “go fish?” Are you using everything you have in your “tackle box?” Put your bucket hat on and spend a little time evaluating yourself as the “angler.” Our experienced recruiters across varying industries partner with you to find the best candidate whose skills, attitude, and goals align with your organization. Contact us today!