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The official 1,000,000,000th Technology Blog

Oct 12, 2016

I was honored when approached to write the official 1 billionth technology blog! Seriously, isn’t that what it feels like? Technology has of course changed the world, especially in the last 30 years. It has changed how we communicate, how we date, changed manufacturing, business, trade, politics and even war.

What aspect of life has not been impacted by technology? This list may be much shorter…

When I think of the impact technology has had on my life, both personal and professional I see both the pros and the cons. Having the world at your fingertips is a pretty powerful feeling – not only can you be up to date on any topic at any time, but you can interact, you can comment, you can blog, you can contribute – but, as Peter Parker’s wise Uncle Ben told him, “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Read any article online and take 5 minutes to review the comments, you will see some of the best and, of course, some of the worst people have to offer. There is something about the anonymity of a “screen name” that gives people a feeling that their comments can go from extreme to completely irresponsible. And tried to have a conversation with a teen lately? It isn’t easy if your idea of a conversation requires eye contact.

But, enough negativity – let’s see how technology has improved our lives!

  • Health – Can’t remember if you walked on your lunch break or just imagined yourself doing so? Our health can be improved with the use of the right technology, from tracking steps, to journaling nutrition, these small efforts can greatly improve overall health. It has also greatly improved the lives of people with chronic illness/disease. For instance, diabetics can now utilize insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring and pace maker recipients benefit from devices that are smaller, less invasive and can track and send warnings – the list goes on and on. You can even find apps for quick office work outs!
  • Communication – Have a loved one making a solo road trip? What did we do before cell phones and GPS!? I know how to read a map and can certainly get from point A to point Z, but as a teen driving to and from college, I remember the fear of a flat tire or breaking down at night. Knowing that almost anywhere, at any time, you can get assistance or that your child can get in contact with you, is pretty reassuring.
  • Business – Technology drives business. Period. Technology allows us to become efficient, gather metrics on what is working and what is not, utilization of resources, bottlenecks in supply chain, manufacturing improvements…it has created a globalized market that even 20 years ago would have been hard to fathom. Dreaming of working from home? Technology builds a pretty good argument for convincing your employer of the benefits.

I am sure that with each of these bullet points there is an argument to be made for how technology has a negative impact – excess of anything can push the pendulum toward harmful, except good wine, there is no excess of good wine in life. The challenge is balance, how to balance the use of technology and to identify when the pendulum is starting to swing. To do this, be sure to spend time interacting with people – not texting, not through a Facebook post, but actually speaking to them, meet colleagues and friends with phones set to silent and, of course, get outside. Having the world at your fingertips is amazing, but don’t forget to go out into the world!

How has technology impacted your life? What is your favorite app? How do you stay up to date on job trends, technology, news….

Use a piece of our technology and shoot us a quick note.