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Why Working with a Staffing Company Can Boost Your Job Search

Aug 15, 2016

“Where do you work? What do you do? Oh, that’s like a temp service, right? There is no way you’ll be able help me find the job I’m looking for due to my specific skill set, right?”  These are things I hear on a daily basis when people ask me about my job.  Truth is, I had some of the same questions when I started my career with HireLevel earlier this year.  However, it didn’t take long to see the benefits that come with going through a service like ours.

Jobs are out there, but they are hard to find.  Without a little extra digging, your typical job seeker struggles to find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to their lifelong career. Chances are if that job actually exists, then the pool of candidates who want that job is much larger than you expect.  So what’s my point? My point is why not put your trust in a workforce development company? If you are serious about finding a job then it can’t hurt, right?

Besides, this is why our company exists!  By placing your trust in our company, you open many doors to opportunities you may not have known even existed which gives you a leg up on the competition. Instead of applying for one job at a time, your application with our company makes you a candidate for every position you are qualified to obtain. Whether it is open at the time of your interview, or opens up at a later date; if you’re still searching for a job we continue to search with you.

Just like we grow a relationship with you, we also grow great relationships with our clients who have the potential to be your employer.  They want to find the best possible candidates for the job, not an individual who isn’t driven or qualified to take on their position. But like everyone else, these companies are busy too.  They don’t always have the time to comb through numerous candidates to fill their needs, which is where we as a workforce development company come into play.  Due to our solid client relationships, they trust us to interview, test, and screen their candidates and provide them with the most qualified, and professional individuals for the job.  Sometimes they don’t even post an opening themselves, they solely rely on us to find their rock start employee! Some companies have confidential opportunities available that aren’t even released out to the job search circuit, which means we have the advantage of gaining access to these private job opportunities.  This is where it comes in handy to have your application available to us. We may not have that exact opening at the time of your interview, but chances are something just for you will come up in the near future.

Now what about those who aren’t searching for a career, but more of odd and end jobs just to pass the time? What about temporary work for a little extra cash? We have that too! More companies and businesses than you can imagine use temporary help, but why? Busy seasons, large projects, and employees who take vacation time are all reasons why temporary work is pretty important.  Temporary employees help pick up the slack when companies are feeling overwhelmed, or just need an extra hand.  They come in and help complete the project while the employer has no strings attached.  When the job is over, that is the end of the individual’s assignment. The employer didn’t waste time searching for good employees for a short assignment, and because you had an application in our system you were offered a job you would not have otherwise had the chance to get.

In the end, whether you are looking for a new career or a temporary position, it breaks down to a simple response:  We work to put you to work.  Our goal is to help you through a process that has potential to be very difficult on your own.  Give us a chance.  You’ll be glad you did once that paycheck arrives.