Human Resources

Employee Performance Review Checklist

Jul 6, 2016

The years just getting started, but a lot of employers are preparing for employee performance reviews as they are reaching the halfway mark to their year. We recommend completing two formal performance evaluations per year; once every six months.  Though the performance appraisal may only be two times per year, the only thing annual about performance reviews is paperwork.  Open communication in the form of feedback and coaching should be ongoing.  If your annual performance reviews do not achieve clarity, employee engagement, and individual and organizational goals, then your review process needs to be reviewed.

As an employer or manager, a performance appraisal should reveal if your employees are committed or not, what you can do to bump up office morale, and create a bridge of communication and understanding with employees.

As an employee, a performance appraisal gives you the chance to tell your boss why you are really here and make suggestions in regards to employee needs, trainings, processes, etc. It’s not all about what you’ve been doing wrong. This is your chance to be heard and maybe receive the pick-me- up you needed to get through the rest of the year.

How do we, as employers, change the annual dread that comes around when it is performance review time?

Don’t let the conversation stop. Align individual goals with organizational goals, and keep up the feedback.

Performance Review Absolutes:

  • Formal but comfortable environment
  • Productive feedback and coaching
  • Identify areas (skill gaps) for potential development
  • Set & define goals based on employees’ aspirations and company objectives
  • Discuss thoroughly any/ all ratings

Performance Review Checklist:

  • Ask employee to reflect on accomplishments, performance over the year, and heave goals for the coming year (prior to the meeting).
  • Review last year’s appraisals
  • Review last year’s plans for completion of goals
  • Rate demonstration of competencies
  • Give overall rating
  • Work with employee to set goals that are in line with corporate objectives
  • Go the extra mile and provide opportunities for trainings/ conferences/ etc.

Performance Reviews have the potential to either create problems or provide solutions: clarity, feedback, and/or understanding.  The secret to annual performance reviews is daily, ongoing conversation. Download our performance appraisal feedback and rating form to help you get the ball rolling.

When in doubt, talk it out.