Human Resources

Trends Driving Employee Development

Feb 24, 2015

Employee development in the workplace is important for many different reasons. The enhancement of knowledge, skills, and abilities, whether professional or personal, are fundamental to improving the productivity and efficiency of an organization. These enhancements also increases employee retention and loyalty. What trends should employers focus on as they analyze their employee development programs for 2015? Below are five trends that businesses are increasingly implementing into their employee development plans:

1. Career Development

Implement a career plan and continuous training for all employees. Encourage employees to further their education, whether it is a specialization certificate or completing a college degree, and if budget permits, provide financial assistance for completing that education.

2. Empowerment

Enable employees to voice themselves in the workplace and give them the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Empowered employees know that their ideas matter to the success of the company, and they tend to take a greater interest in the success of the organization.

3. Rewards and Recognition

Reward employees with traditional rewards such as compensation in the form of bonuses, stock options, and additional benefits. Employees can also be given nontraditional rewards such as recognition. Recognition is so valuable in that it drives engagement and retention in a cost-effective way. Employee recognition lets people know that the organization puts employees first.

4. Leadership Development

Develop a leadership development plan for employees. This plan can be focused on designing and implementing practices and processes that capitalize on work-related experiences to help achieve the organization’s goals.

5. Health and Wellness

Promote health and wellness in the workplace with educating employees about the benefits of exercising and healthy eating habits. Invest in incentives to give employees once they meet their health and wellness goals.

These five trends are extremely important at Extra Help, Inc. As we developed and established our goals for 2015, we implemented many employee development plans. Such as weekly and bi-weekly training programs, continuing education for CSP, CSC, and FPC certifications, and a health and wellness challenge. There are multiple ways to implement these trends into your workplace. Why wait? Push to continuously develop your employees!