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4 Important Questions to Ask During Your Next Interview

Feb 3, 2015

Many job applicants believe that the interview process is strictly for your potential employer to ask questions, but that is a common misconception. An interview is for you to not only sell your skills and qualifications but also make sure the interviewing company is a great fit for your career path. Some important questions to consider are below.

1. Ask what characteristics a successful candidate might hold.

By asking this question, you can gain a better concept as to what the employer is truly looking for. Once you hear the hiring manager’s reply, you can gear your responses around his or her expectations. It will also help make sure the position you are interviewing for is a good fit.

2. Ask a question correlated to the company’s mission statement.

When preparing for an interview, make sure to do your homework on your potential employer. By bringing up the company’s core competencies and values, you will show the hiring manager that you are taking this process seriously and you do want to work for this company.

3. Ask for more details about the position.

This will help you gauge what an average day in the role you are interviewing for would be like. These questions will help you understand what is expected of you if you were offered the position:

  1. What would an average day be like in this position?
  2. What type of training will be offered?
  3. Why is this position open?
  4. What did the employee previously holding this role do best?

4. Ask what you should expect as the next steps.

The closing moments of an interview should be your selling point. When ending an interview, highlight your main strengths as to why you would be the best possible fit for this position and be assertive to show you are interested in moving forward in the hiring process:

  1. Do you have any doubts in my qualifications?
  2. What are the next best steps in the hiring process?
  3. When can I expect to hear back from you?

It is important to stay organized during the interview process. When you are interviewing for multiple positions at once you want to make sure you remember key contacts and important information regarding the position. It is also good practice to follow up with a call or an e-mail following the interview.

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