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Understanding Military Culture in the Workplace

Dec 17, 2014

We all know someone that has served in the military.  They have lived and worked in environments that are specific to the military culture. They have lived on bases, installations, ships and submarines; ate MREs and shopped in PXs/BXs/NEXs and commissaries; deployed to unique locations worldwide; and enjoyed a tight-knit sense of community whether visiting schools, places of worship, restaurants or medical clinics. Understandably, leaving this culture can be very difficult.  They are not just leaving a job, they are leaving a lifestyle.

The skills that service members developed are truly valuable and are in high demand, but describing those skills to a prospective employer can be difficult. For instance, a veteran may have trouble communicating without using military jargon or are unsure of how to bridge the culture gap that exists between military and civilian workplaces. There are some steps we can take to help translate the military experience to civilian employment, so that we can fill our companies with professionals that are disciplined and focused on goals.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

• De-militarize a resume
• Understand the full picture of the veteran’s experience
• Use resources to educate yourself about veterans in transition

Watch our webinar to learn more!


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