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Employee Termination Checklist

Sep 30, 2014

Employee Termination: Checklist & Guidelines for Employers

Terminating an employee is a difficult process for not only the employee losing the job, but also the employer.  When making the decision to terminate an employee, it is imperative to follow proper protocol and to utilize an Employee Termination Checklist.  Doing so will ensure the termination process is completed in a professional manner and is also legal and ethical.

HR professionals agree that firing an employee shouldn’t come out of the blue. Termination should be one of the final steps in a thorough process of establishing company policy and evaluations.

Standard Procedure for All Employees

  1. Follow Policy

If your company has a written employment policy and termination procedures, be sure to follow them consistently.   If they are not followed consistently for all employees, courts may determine there was an improper motive for termination.

  1.  Document the Reasons for Discharge

An employee’s file should include their history that explains the reason(s) for dismissal.  Ensure that all warnings, efforts to improve employee performance and conversations are documented.

  1.  Pay the employee at the time of discharge

While this is not legally required, paying time worked, sick leave and vacation at the time of discharge may help alleviate a disgruntled employee.

  1.  Utilize an Employee Termination Checklist

Utilizing a Termination Checklist can help the termination process run smoothly and will also keep you, the employer, on track and reduce legal liability.   By utilizing the above steps and our Termination Checklist, this will allow for the process to be completed smoothly and effectively for everyone involved.