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Employment Services- We’re here to help

Jun 11, 2013

Last week I called a “busy office” in need of an Administrative Assistant. I read the advertisement in a local newspaper, called the number that was posted and asked for the person referenced in the job posting. I was a little bit surprised when he answered the phone, I thought surely the number would have been directed to a voice mail box. As I started to introduce myself and tell him I work for Extra Help he proceeded to say “David, I need a person not a service” and the line went dead. I did note a sense of frustration in his voice.

I thought to myself, he really needs the employment services offered by Extra Help, he just doesn’t realize it. In this case I can only imagine the number of phone calls he was receiving. Looking back I am sure he wished he had not posted both his name and a phone number in the job posting.

I wish he would have provided me with the opportunity to inform him on the ways that Extra Help takes on all the responsibilities of hiring. He did not let me share with him that we will recruit, interview, screen, place and even manage the entire process. By partnering with us, you can not only save time but spend more time taking care of his current staff and their day to day needs. Maybe with his next opening he will realize there is a better way, and yes I will be contacting him this week, maybe he is ready to partner with the services offered by Extra Help.

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